Pay your holiday in Livigno in instalments with Holipay

The payment method that lets you split the cost of your hotel stay into small parts


Finding a low-cost hotel in Livigno may prove to be an arduous task in the summer and winter. Luckily, hotel Carpe Diem gives you the option of using Holipay to split the payment for your holiday in the mountains over time. Here’s how Holipay works and how you can lighten the burden of your stay in Livigno.


Holipay Livigno: split the payment and unburden your holiday

Hotel Carpe Diem offers its guests a new way to pay for their stay. You can choose to pay for your holiday in small and convenient payments with holipay. When booking, select the option to split the amount with holipay:

  • Pay €49.00 immediately and a number of payments of the same amount are automatically calculated ranging from a minimum of 2, with no maximum limit, based on the distance between the booking date and the check-out date.


  • Insert your credit, debit or prepaid card and you’re done! The amount of €49.00 will be charged at the time of booking. Subsequent payments will instead be debited automatically on the 1st and 15th of each month. The last payment is the day before check-out/or the day of check-in, according to the preferences of the structure.


You will no longer have to worry about anything and, even if you are unable to pay all the amounts, you can always do it upon arrival at the facility.


How to book with Holipay at Hotel Carpe Diem, Livigno

Paying your hotel stay in Livigno in instalments with Holipay and Carpe Diem is simple and available for the complete range of our hotel’s booking options.


Online booking

Book your stay in Livigno at hotel Carpe Diem directly from our online booking system; simply select the dates of your holiday in Valtellina.

When making your booking, after entering your personal information and credit, debit or prepaid card details, select the Holipay option by flagging the specified field. In this way you will be charged €49.00 upon placing your booking and the remaining amount will be split into instalments as proposed by Holipay, which will be automatically charged until your stay.

Book your holiday in Livigno online with Holipay


Bookings by email

Contact our hotel by email to book your stay: after receiving the quote, if you wish to use the service remember to request payment with Holipay when confirming your booking.

Book a stay at hotel Carpe Diem by email


Booking over the phone

If you wish to book your hotel stay in Livigno over the phone, promptly inform us of your desire to split the payment with Holipay, so that we can activate the procedure for your booking.

Call us to book your holiday in Livigno


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