Typical Valtellina and Italian cuisine in Livigno’s pedestrian area, at the bottom of the slope

Trattoria Carpe Diem Restaurant trattoria in the centre of Livigno

Carpe Diem is Livigno’s downtown restaurant, directly overlooking the main shopping street and ski slopes. A typical Livigno trattoria at lunchtime, refreshment for skiers for quick snacks, and a family-run restaurant in the evening. Our establishment wears different hats depending on the seasons and times of day, but maintains constant top quality when it comes to culinary offerings. Traditional Italian and Valtellina dishes and gluten-free menus, prepared with local ingredients and a lot of love, to eat well in an elegant and welcoming space.

In any season, one of the best places to eat in Livigno

Lunch in winter

Fast meals for skiers and quick lunches

In the winter season, Carpe Diem turns into a spot to have a sandwich or a quick lunch while skiing. Thanks to its prime location right at the bottom of the slopes of Livigno’s central ski school, this quick restaurant is popular for lunch breaks for skiers trying their hand on the Carosello 3000 and Sitas slopes and on the downtown lifts. There are sandwiches, sausages, quick pasta dishes, a Valtellina menu and gluten-free dishes that can also be enjoyed at outdoor tables.


Winter lunch hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m


Dinner in winter

Pizzeria and trattoria for Valtellina dinners

In the evenings during the winter, Carpe Diem is one of the centrally located restaurants in Livigno where you can enjoy the genuine and delicious selection of the best Valtellina cuisine: pizzoccheri, sciatt, polenta, bresaola, slinzega, game, Livigno cheeses and Valtellina wines, prepared according to tradition by our family members. Alongside local recipes, all the best world-famous Italian dishes are also available. Pizza, pasta dishes, main courses, appetizers, and homemade desserts are always prepared with quality ingredients that are farm-to-table as much as it’s possible.

Winter Dinner hours: 5 p.m. to 10 p.m

During the summer

Trattoria and typical restaurant for lunch and dinner

In the summer months, guests who are visiting downtown Livigno will find a cosy location and family atmosphere at Carpe Diem where you can enjoy quality cuisine. Starting at noon, it is the perfect location for a trattoria lunch in the heart of Livigno’s pedestrian area, for a break while shopping, with daily menus and typical dishes. In the evening it is a restaurant for convivial Valtellina dinners with great food, romantic outings for couples and lively groups.

Summer lunch hours: from 12 noon

Summer dinner hours: from 7 p.m

Try the house specialities

Three rooms where you can eat in the heart of Livigno

Carpe Diem room with a view of the ski slopes

The restaurant’s ground-floor dining room has a beautiful view of snow-capped mountains and ski slopes. At dinner time, the only ski slope in Livigno open in the evening, every Thursday, can be seen from the window. Furnished in wood, it allows you to lunch or dine in Livigno in a typical and traditional setting, framed by the white snow in winter and the green outdoor garden in summer.

Sala Tana del lupo, a tavern for group dinners in Livigno

A typical Livigno tavern perfect for group dinners and convivial moments. The pine wood reminds us of mountain lodges of yesteryear, while the large fireplace in the centre of the room brightens and warms the space. Local dishes and Valtellina wine seem even better when enjoyed in a friendly and jovial setting.


Antichi Sapori room with a wine cellar

An elegant and private room located in the heart of the facility, dominated by larch wood and exposed stone, traditional alpine materials that infuse the entire space with an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy, perfect for romantic dinners or business lunches in Livigno. The room overlooks the restaurant’s wine cellar, which offers a selection of Valtellina wines and local cured meats, with intensely genuine flavours and aromas.


After lunch or before dinner, discover Livigno's most typical attractions